Bulletin For Sunday September 12,  2021
Your  Place  for  Grace

Watch Our Sunday Services Live Online
We are streaming our Sunday worship services live on our Facebook page. Don't miss being connected!

Updated Website and New Phone App
Visit your Android or Apple Stores, then search for “the church app” and down load it. After it’s downloaded, simply type in “First Baptist Church Quartzsite” in the search bar and it will connect the app to FBC. Share it with your friends and family.

Thanks to everyone who brought all the delicious food to our BBQ. God bless Adair and Scott, their baptisms encouraged our faith.

Movie Night Friday Here At FBC October 1 @ 6pm
UNBROKEN: Path to Redemption, The Louie Zamperini Story

New Phone Number  For The Church
We recently changed internet providers and that means that the church phone number could not be ported over to the new carrier. So we had to get another new number which is: 928-754-0222

Worship With Us Tonight @ 6:00pm
Pastor’s Sermon: “What Is Praying In The Spirit?”

Our Series Begins This Morning Continues
"I'm Too Blessed To Be Stressed"

Join Our Prayer Team Tuesdays @ 10am
This is a weekly commitment to join the team in focused intercession, and faith-filled prayers for our church and beyond.
Download Our Church App
Visit your Android or Apple stores, then search for “the church app” and down load it. After it’s downloaded, type in “First Baptist Church Quartzsite” in the search bar and it will connect to us.

Our Finances For The Week
Last Week: $2347 - Weekly Budget: $1,600 - Over Budget: $747


Our Prayer Needs
Dianne’s daughter, Lori, serious depression.  Les Leaf, cancer, traveling mercies. Mary Omit, recovering from cataract surgery. Frida, Lois’s sister, breast cancer. Pat Jones head wound. Kathy Redinger, serious cancer. Missionary Deb O’Connor, stage 4 cancer. Keith Eatough suffering from  Dementia, Betty Eatough, dealing with breast cancer.  Racial unrest across our country. Afghanistan problems, Middle East issues. California’s devastating fires.
Please send us your prayer requests! You can use our website (Prayer Request Page) or our app to  instantly send them to us.  Our Prayer Team Ministry will pray and intercede on your behalf!