God's Greatest Investment

"He is so rich in kindness and grace that He Redeemed us
with the blood of His Son and forgave our sins."

Ephesians 1:7

God’s greatest investment was not in the planets but in people! As powerfully created all the planets are in the universe, they don’t come close to how powerfully and uniquely created you and I are. We often struggle with this fact and even discount God’s investment in us.

This might be a new revelation to some regarding just how much God loves us, even with the broken places in our lives. If we let God into the broken places of our lives then we open ourselves up to the greatest breakthroughs in our lives!

Redemption in our Redeemer is a daily reminder that our brokenness has been bled for, our sin has been suffered for, and our shame has been scolded for, so today and everyday guilt is out, and grace is in!

Octavius Jackson was a man who was redeemed 2 times – once as a slave to a man and another time as a slave to sin! He became a pastor after the Civil War, and I love what he said, “Behold your redemption, believer in Christ! Turn your eye away from all your failures, your disobedience, the flaws and imperfections that mark your sincere endeavors to serve Christ and to glorify God, and see where your true acceptance is found, even in the Beloved of the Father.”

A bloody redemption shows God’s amazing love for us! Think about it, He loved us long before we knew Him. He pursued us and captured our hearts first. He didn’t prove His love at a candlelight dinner or a night on the town. There were no red roses, but there were bloody thorns.

Great was the work of God’s creation, but greater was the work of His redemption. Did you know that it cost God more to redeem us than to make us?

The power contained in your redemption is amazing – it has a lasting power that nothing can compare to! If you think about it, when you were redeemed by Jesus Christ’s death on the cross 2000 years ago, that act of redemption effected your past, your present, your future, and it’s secures and strengthens your salvation!

Here is why I believe God chose Jesus to die the way He did. Blood is not only the symbol of life, it is life – it’s what keeps a person alive. Blood is respected and feared. What is the most precious physical thing of all? The Bible answers that by saying that there is LIFE in the BLOOD! In our blood is DNA, oxygen, corpuscles – blood is literally carrying life throughout our bodies!

God want us to know that sin is so deadly, so despicable, so destroying and He wants us to never forget that only something as valuable as blood could save us from our sins! Blood was in the mind of God as the perfect way to display the supreme cost and infinite value of our salvation!

Jesus’ body was the scarred container of the sacred currency – His blood! Let’s be very clear, Jesus’s death on the cross did not purchase our sins. Never forget that Jesus’ blood removed our sins from our lives, but He also bought our lives out of our sins.

R.G. Lee wrote in his classic book, The Blood of The Lamb, “The blood must be poured from royal arteries. I see many thrones with many occupants, yet none seem to be coming to rescue us. But after a while, the clock in Bethlehem strikes twelve, and the silver pendulum of a star swings across the sky; and I see the King of Heaven rise up, and then He descends! And He steps down from star to star, and from cloud to cloud, lower and lower, until He touches the sheep-covered hills in Bethlehem, and then on to another hill in Jerusalem that looks like a skull, bearing His cross with Him. And there at the sharp stroke of persecution, something red and holy rushes down. And we who could not be redeemed by money are redeemed by the precious imperial blood of Christ.” 

God bless you,

Pastor Dave

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