God Is My Qualifier

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13

God is the one who qualifies you. No one else. Not your opinion of yourself, not other peoples opinions of you…only Him.

I have been told over and over again that I am not "good enough". I have been told "I’m not ready", or that my life doesn’t "look good enough" on the outside to do what God has called me to do. I have told myself these things, and I have listened when other people have said them. But no more! God is my qualifier and His opinion, found in His word, is the only one that matters!

I am qualified because of the gospel of Christ that invaded and transformed my life, and now I am ready to do what He has called me to do for His kingdom because HE HAS ASKED ME TO. It is God who presents me with divine opportunities that He has for me daily. It is certainly not because I "feel ready" or "look ready", but because He says I am ready with what He is asking me to steward.

It is a New Year, and in this year, it is so important that we all use the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given each of us. The world is dark, things are hard, but you have a unique light that He has given you that He wants you to share with the world. You have a unique story in Christ that He wants you to share that will point others to Him.

This is a year to be bold, to dream BIG God sized dreams, to be obedient even when it’s scary and to show up anyway when He calls you to, whether you feel like it or not. It is a year to have BIG faith and to finally step into those dreams that He has put in your imagination.

Don’t listen to other people’s opinions when they shoot you down, don’t listen to that inner voice that says you can’t, only listen to Him and let Him lead you. He knows better, He wants better for you, and He will be faithful to lead you there if you let Him.

Be Blessed,

Charlene (Charlie) Warren
Pastor Dave's former member, mother of three, and artist.

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