The Transforming Power

“…sexually immoral, enslavers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine.”
1Timothy 1:10

I'd like to share some thoughts from Sunday morning's sermon. As I said, life is a gift from God, and it should be seen as seriously sacred. It is a dangerous thing when a culture manipulates life and gender to its demands.

We live in a wounded world because of wounded people wound people! We are witnessing the breakdown of the family and the breakdown of the conscience. Sadly, this toxic combination is bringing about a breakout of sin on a level we’ve never experienced before. And those in our culture who are taking the hardest hit from this toxic combination are our children!

Depression and anxiety are creating strongholds on the precious minds of our child at an alarming rate. Satan has systematically declared war on two generations of children in America and he is winning the war. We have two generations of human beings lost in atheism, agnosticism, Darwinism, Satanism, and godlessness. And sadly, children have taken the hardest hit from three decades of a sexual rebellion that has destroyed the destiny that God has for them.

For over 30 years, America has been in a sexual revolution that has really been sexual rebellion. And pornography has been the largest evil behind it all. It has done more to stain the human mind than just about anything else in our modern culture. There can be no sanctity of human life in a country where truth is being kicked around like a cheap football between our social re-engineers, pathetic politicians, and our meaningless media.

Abortion in America is killing children in the womb at about 2500 a day. But we also have another sin against our children and teenagers that’s racing across our country, and the world, at a frightening rate – human trafficking, in particular, the sex slave trade that is currently enslaving about 400,000 lost souls.

So what does the Christian worldview bring to the table in response to sex trafficking or any sin for that matter? It's easy, the gospel of grace!

I am deeply convinced that the gospel of grace is the only solution to this sex pandemic that’s sweeping our country. It alone has the depth to reach the shame, it alone has the power to replace hate with love,  it alone can remove any stronghold that binds the mind.

Fighting sex slavery or any sinful slavery, starts with coming to the reality that God alone is the great Liberator of the captive, and that He alone is the owner of every single person. Our world has forgotten that all people from America to Afghanistan, from China to Chile, are created in the image of God, and that means all are worthy of the transforming power of salvation through Jesus Christ.

John chapter four tells us about the day when Jesus purposely encounter a woman at the well who was wounded sexually, emotionally, and spiritually. Jesus willingly stepped into her religion’s stronghold, and her guilt’s stronghold and He washed her clean with the living waters of salvation!

The shocking reality of the gospel of grace is how God takes sin’s slavery and turns it into a beautiful picture of salvation for the world. The very center of the gospel is in the person of Jesus Christ. Philippians chapter 2 tells us that He willingly took the form of a slave. He became a slave to humanity so humanity enslaved could be set free by the power of the cross. Think about it, the loving owner of the world become a slave to the world so He could defeat the power of sin forever!

Wouldn’t you agree that the person bound in the slavery of sex, the slavery of addiction, the slavery of hate, the slavery of gossip, the slavery of religion, the slavery of bitterness, the slavery of anger and the slavery of unforgiveness doesn’t need our condemnation, but God’s transformation?

It all comes down to this, we all need God to serve us with His salvation that heals the sickest soul!

I leave you with the powerful words of Marie Harris, “The gospel lays the explosive charge that ultimately leads to the detonation and destruction of all slavery.”

God bless you,

Pastor Dave

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