Spiritual Downpour

“Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains would tremble before you!”  Isaiah 64:1

Throughout the Bible, we see that there is only one remedy to rekindle a dead spiritual life - revival. Revival is when we till the soil of our heart through brokenness, humility and surrender via fasting, prayer and obedience to His will for our lives. God responds by rending the heavens with a spiritual downpour and reviving our parched soul.

Chuck Smith, the founder of Calvary Chapel once said, "During seasons of spiritual awakenings, the atmosphere will be overwhelming — the demonic realm is being crushed and countless lives are being changed. As the old saints used to say, 'God heard our cries and showed up!'”

Whether it’s a pastor, a leader, or a believer, those with the fire of God often convict those who are not on fire because they have left their “first love.” They must repent and return to the prayer closet to rebuild their intimacy with God. As David McIntyre said “As the electric fluid which is diffused in the atmosphere is concentrated in the lightning flash, so the presence of God becomes vivid and powerful in the place of prayer.”

Although some have misrepresented His presence through weird behavior, there is nothing weird about experiencing the presence of God. This is how the great breakthroughs of our lives are opened up for us. In the midst of problems, there are His promises. In the midst of suffering, there is sweet surrender. In the midst of fear, there is incredible faith. In the midst of trouble there is great triumph! In the midst of chaos, there is reassuring calm. We serve a God who will never abandon His people of promise!

Our 5 Sunday fasts are not only important for our country and city, but they are also a powerful way to renew the importance of experiencing the presence of God in our lives and in our church. It's a time to bring your dead dreams, broken children, failed relationships, declining health, and shattered hopes to Christ and drink deeply from the fountain of forgiveness and eat freely from the banquet of blessings.

Let's believe together that as we consecrate this season of prayer and fasting to God, plead with God to light the revival fires in our hearts and in the hearts of those around us.

What a mighty God we serve!

It's prayer time!

Pastor Dave

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