Midnight Darkness

“At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You because of Your righteous works.” 
Psalm 119:62

A young man's wife became very ill and died, leaving him with his four-year old daughter. When they got home after the funeral, dad brought his daughter's little bed into his room, so they could face the long dark night together.

Throughout the midnight hours, his daughter was having a hard time sleeping; and so was dad. Nothing could pierce his heart more than hearing his little girl sobbing for a mother who would never come back. So dad tried to comforted her the best he could.

Finally, his daughter stopped crying and dad thought she had fallen asleep. So he looked up toward heaven and said, "Father God, I trust you, but it's as dark as midnight." Hearing her dad's prayer, the little girl began to cry again.

Dad said, “I thought you were asleep.” Then his daughter said, “Dad, did you ever know it could be so dark outside – I can't even see you.” Then she said, “But, you love me even if it's dark, don’t you? You love me even if I don't see you, don't you?” Then dad held his daughter until she went to sleep. That’s when he took his daughter's words and prayed, “O Father, it's dark as midnight. I can't see You at all. But I know You love me even when it's dark and I can't see you.”

Just as King David, who wrote Psalm 119, and this dad were facing difficult days, they both refused to take their minds off of the Lord. Both men were not going to be robbed of offering up their prayers to God in their pain and problems.

As I shared on Sunday, gratitude is a powerful part of our life in Christ. Studying the life of David reveals a man with many midnight prayers offered to God. He was a very wound warrior but throughout his writings he was a man that never forgot to be thankful and grateful. I find that this attitude helped him overcome the hurts and hang-up from his past. Remember, gratitude is an attitude that helps us fight off demonic oppression, debilitating depression, and daily temptations.

Refuse to become inward focused, but rather upwards focused, rising at midnight to praise the Lord! Be careful, there is a thief called selfishness that robs us of great blessings and breakthroughs when we focus inwardly.

When was the last time you stopped in the midst of your despair and realized that regardless of the hurt and hardships, that the Lord is still so good to you, regardless of the midnight madness? Don’t skip out on offering up thanks in the midnight hour, the darkest days, and the stormy seasons! I challenge you to remember the Lord when that midnight hour comes to you. The Lord is up, His light is on – He’s just waiting for you.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Pastor Dave

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