Yes, Lord!

“Yes, Lord, in the path of Your judgments we wait.
Your name and Your law are my soul’s desire.”

Isaiah 26:8

I have come to believe that the most power prayer we can pray contains only two words. These two words open up our lives to the presence of God in wonderful ways. So what is this two-word prayer? “Yes, Lord!”

Isaiah starts out his prayer saying, “Yes, Lord!” as both a commitment and a declaration. It is a statement of openness and willingness. This prayer unleashes the Holy Spirit to soften our hearts, open our eyes, and place our hands in God’s hands. It’s not just “yes,” but it’s saying "yes" to the Lord God of the Universe. Our Author and Perfector of our faith. Our Rock, Refuge and Redeemer. We are not saying "yes" to our own strength, but we are saying it to His power.

When we pray “Yes, Lord!” we acknowledge God is in charge and we are not. We give up control and place our life in His care. The Lord is constantly moving in our lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. This prayer helps us respond to His leading and direction.

There is the hard yes that requires surrender and sacrifice. It’s when we get up on the alter and say, “I can’t, but You can!” Usually this prayer comes when something, or someone, we love must be given up. It’s a prayer of surrender as we let go of what’s comfortable and safe.

Then there is the weak yes that comes from brokenness and humility. Sometimes we are so worn out and desperate, we can barely say these two words. We lack faith, hope, strength, and confidence. We don’t see how God is going to show up, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but somehow God comes through!

And lastly, there is the blind yes that just might be the hardest because most of us make decisions once we have all the facts and figures. We want to be strategic and have the information. But the blind yes requires big time faith when we don’t have the details, we’re clueless about how things will turn out, and we have no guarantee in sight. This is when we have to walk by faith, not by sight!

Abraham prayed a blind yes prayer when God called him to leave his people, land, and cattle to become a great nation. God didn’t tell him where he was going. Moses also prayed that when he followed the will of God in leading the largest movement of people ever to freedom.

“Yes, Lord!” It’s a breakthrough prayer that can be used in every aspect of life, no matter the circumstances. I believe that God is pleased when He hears us speak these two words. It doesn’t matter if it's a hard yes, a weak yes, or a blind yes. Just pray it and you will experience God’s power, presence, and provision in ways you never imagined!

God bless you,

Pastor Dave

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