The Power of Preservation

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?”
Matthew 5:13

In Jesus day, when refrigeration did not exist, the main functions of salt was preservation against corruption.

Jesus was reminding us of a powerful truth in our Bible verse – every believer is highly valuable as the saving element of the human race. So think about it, we have the power of preservation which counteracts corruption and decay. As salt prevents food from spoiling, His disciples are to prevent the corruption of morals. The disciple’s presence in this world delays the corruption of the world and its judgment. And since salt improves the taste of food, so His disciples improve the quality of the society in which they live.

The believer’s calling to be the salt of the earth is anything but unimportant. We are called to prevent the corruption of morals and to improve the quality of the society in which we live. The stakes are high! Take us out of the world, and the corruption, rot, and madness will only increase.

I think the words of D. A. Carson are powerful, “Jesus' disciples are called to be a moral disinfectant in a world where moral standards are low, constantly changing, or non-existent.”

The impure salt of ancient times could lose its saltiness because the sodium chloride could leak out or dissolve in humid weather and leave only tasteless crystals which no longer tasted like salt.

But if salt can lose its saltiness what do we make of Jesus’ question, "How can it be made salty again?" In natural terms, there is nothing that can be done. Salt that loses its saltiness has little purpose. Thankfully, the Bible calls straying believers to turn back to God in repentance, and as we do, the Lord forgives, restores, and renews. And our supernatural saltiness is restored!

If you have strayed from your faith your cry should be, “God, make me salty again!” If you are walking close with Him your cry should be, "Lord, keep me salty!" The destiny of America depends on it.

God bless you,

Pastor Dave

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