Revival Rainfall

"Let anyone who is thirsty come to Me and drink. If anyone believes in Me, rivers of living water will flow out from their heart." John 7:37-39

Does it seem like a sinister shadow has set upon our American society? The Christian faith is in decline. A spiritual dullness is everywhere. Belief in God is down. Belief in ghosts is up. Personal dissatisfaction is up. Addiction is up. Feelings of loneliness is up. The suicide rate is up. Church attendance is down.

The authority of the Bible is seriously questioned with much of our culture. No one is a sinner because everyone will somehow get to heaven. The idea of judgment is considered archaic and barbaric to most of Americans.

While all this bad news is currently real, but do you realize that I am also describing much of the American cultural landscape back in the early 1800’s?

As Americans moved westward in the late 1700’s people were forsaking the Lord for the vast frontier land. A Methodist bishop wrote in 1801, "In the American frontier not one in a hundred came here to get religion, but rather to get plenty of good land." Andrew Fulton, a Presbyterian missionary from Scotland, reported, "In all the newly formed towns in this western colony, there are few religious people."

The first revival rainfall fell in Kentucky where many church leaders were praying for revival. Soon the churches began to fill up with thirsty folks looking for true satisfaction. By 1802, It was estimated that between 10,000 and 25,000 worshipers gathered for days in many cities in the frontier. They arrived by wagon, on foot, on horseback. They listened to sermons, engaged in worship, and experienced personal renewal. It was said that there was no shortage of weeping, groaning, and crying.

One historian wrote, “This period was arguably the most important religious gathering in all of American history. It ignited the explosion of evangelical religion, which soon reached into nearly every corner of American life.”

This awakening lead directly to the ending of slavery and the beginning of women’s rights. And yes, the Second Great Awakening was born!

As Jesus said, “If anyone is thirsty”, so skin color does not matter, income level doesn’t matter, and background checks aren’t needed! There is just one qualification. Notice Jesus simply said, “If anyone is thirsty”, not “if anyone is worthy, qualified, or mature.” All that's needed is an admission of thirst. This can happen to the teenager who is thirsty for significance, the senior who is thirsty for hope, the broken hearted who is thirsty for healing, and the shame-filled who is thirsty for grace!

There will come a day when our thirsty culture will drink from the well of God's words and soak in the serenity of the Spirit again! Soon and very soon, I believe!

So let it rain!

Pastor Dave

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