Truth Drives Reason

"King Agrippa said to Paul, 'You almost persuade me to become a Christian.'" Acts 26:28

What do Douglas Murray, Richard Dawkins, Jordan Peterson, and A. C. Grayling all have in common? Believe it or not, they are currently popular atheists who agree that the world is much better off because of Christianity.

In fact, Douglas Murray recently said in an interview on the BBC as a staunch atheist, “The decline of Christianity is a dangerous thing. One must work furiously to nail down an atheist version of the sanctity of the individual. And if that doesn’t work then there is only one other place to go – back to faith, whether we like it or not…I applaud the revolutionary moral insights of Christianity.”

He also admitted that as atheists consider morality, “The sanctity of human life is a Judeo-Christian notion which might very easily not survive with the disappearance of Judeo-Christian civilization.”

Truth is the driving reason why these atheists say such bold statements about Christianity. But, stubbornly, they still deny the God of Christianity and the Christ who rose from the dead!
These atheists remind me of when the apostle Paul was imprisoned in Caesarea and standing before three powerful Roman leaders, he shared his testimony regarding the power of God radically changing his life. And it was King Agrippa, the great-grandson of Herod the Great, who famously responded with, “You almost persuade me to become a Christian!”

With some of today’s atheists, you just want to push them over the faith line because they seem so close to embracing God!

We all have a King Agrippa in our lives who just will not yield their life to the truth of the gospel, but don’t give up!

Historian Tom Holland went from writing, “I have seen no evidence that would satisfy me that anything supernatural exists. I have seen no proof for god” to writing an article in 2016 entitled Why I Was Wrong About Christianity in which he boldly said, “I am thoroughly and proudly a Christian.”

I want to share a powerful testimony.

Atheist Sci-fi author John Wright shares a prayer he said as a very stubborn atheist, “God, I know that you do not exist. Nonetheless, as a scholar, I am forced to entertain the hypothetical possibility that I am mistaken. So just in case I am mistaken, please reveal yourself to me in some fashion that will prove your case. If you do not answer, I can safely assume that either you do not care whether I believe in you, or that you have no power to produce evidence to persuade me.”

Months later John received the answer and the impact of his prayer that was not expected, saying, “Something from beyond the reach of time and space, more fundamental than reality, reached across the universe and broke into my soul and changed me…I was altered down to the root of my being…It was like falling in love.”

Atheists make the greatest defenders of Christianity because the truth of Jesus Christ that they have fought so hard against, has truly touched and changed the darkness in their hearts! Christianity’s abundant truth claims make all the difference in the heart and head!

Be encouraged by former atheist Philip Vander Elst as he writes, “The more I thought about these claims, the more convinced I became that the internal evidence for the reliability of the Gospels and the New Testament as a whole was overwhelming.”

God bless you,

Pastor Dave

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