Do It Again Lord!

“And it will be that, afterword, I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh...”
Joel 2:2

G. Campbell Morgan once wrote, “The Church persecuted is the Church purified and powerful. The Church patronized is in peril and often paralyzed!”

Is this accurate concerning today’s Church in America? Has America reached a “tipping point” where divine intervention is no longer optional but crucial? Is America on the brink of collapse and our only hope is an outpouring of God’s power and presence?

As we look around us, I think we can all see that the moral and spiritual decline is not only extremely serious, but rapidly moving downwardly. All the signs show that our society has become morally unhinged and spiritually unrepentant!

Recently I watched, to my surprise, a very liberal lesbian on CNN speak about how “crazy our culture has gone and how we can’t even differentiate between a man and a woman without being labeled and canceled.” The madness is apparent to all of us who are willing to admit the destructive path our country is on.

Edward Gibbon in his classic book “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” described the conditions before Rome fell as “bizarreness masqueraded as creativity.” This perfectly paints the picture of our putrid modern culture.

I read a lot and I’m surprised to read the following statements from pastors and Christian leaders in America:
  • “Revival is exploding across America.”
  • “Masses are turning to Jesus Christ.”
  • “It’s the season of breakthrough.”
  • “The enemy is on the run and His Return is eminent!”

So is there something I’m missing? Is revival breaking out across America? Frankly, I do not see revival widely sweeping across our land, but on the other hand, there are places in America where God is mightily working!

Below are a sampling of facts from history that must be evident in order for revival to breakout in America:
  • Release passionate prayers in the church.
  • Repentance from sin and an eagerness for living holy lives.
  • Readiness for the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of God’s people.
  • Refreshing lifestyle of evangelism and compassion for the lost.
  • Rediscovering the pre-eminence of the Word of God.
  • Restore a strong fear of the Lord concerning His holiness.
  • Rekindle a first-love zeal for Christ as they only Savior for mankind.

For over 350 years, the Church’s Judeo-Christian values have been the foundation to America’s four most important institutions: family, faith, government, and education.

History teaches us that the Church in America has performed as a restrainer of evil, a restorer of freedom, and a regenerator of truth! I believe that the Church in America has been the driving force proclaiming the greatness of God, all the while it’s been preaching a gratitude for grace.

Will you agree with me that we don't need a Church in America that moves with the world, we want a Church that moves the world!

As I shared on Sunday morning, the French Historian of the 18th century, Alex De Tocqueville, visited America just before we declared Independence from Britain in 1776. He was so impressed with the impact of America’s churches, that he wrote, “The church is the first of America’s political institutions because it has determined the habits of the heart of all Americans.”

So in closing, all I can say is – do it again Lord!

God bless you!

Pastor Dave

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